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iMathematics, iPhysics & iChemistry for Apple Watch

When we have developed iMathematics, we wanted to put all the knowledge about math within a very small app. This subject, in fact, is certainly the most extensive and complex of all, with thousands of formulas that we must remember to solve all the different problems that can be met at school or at the university. Over the years we have added many features, making the app even more complete, for example by adding calculators and quizzes. But iMathematics has always been a simple quick form, to be consulted during homework or class exercises, when we don’t remember exactly “that formula” that will allow us to solve the problem.


With the arrival of Apple Watch, we went back to the basics, removing the superfluous and leaving the essentials. Particularly because we don’t want to replicate the same experience that you can get on the iPhone or iPad app, but instead we want to provide a more direct and personal experience. With iMathematics for Apple Watch we have redesigned the entire user experience, to focus on the fastest way to find “that formula”.

The main menu offers four different ways to navigate the form, to quickly find what you need. With the voice search, for example, now you can say “derivative” to get all the formulas related to this topic. But if you are studying in the library and you can’t talk? Then you can simply navigate through the form ordering topics in alphabetical order or by sections. The Favorites can be saved with the new Force Touch gesture and will be shared with the iOS app: in this way you will have always the essential topics on your wrist, with the dedicated button in the main menu. You can also write a personal note on a topic through the iOS app, and, when you will open that topic on your Apple Watch, your note will be just there!

iMathematics for Apple Watch will have all the formulas, definitions and theorems already offered in the iPhone app, displayed in a optimized way for the new Apple Watch screen. And this, of course, will also apply to iPhysics and iChemistry.


So with iMathematics for Apple Watch we have created the perfect companion for every student, who will no longer need to extract the iPhone from his pocket to quickly solve math problems. We can’t wait to see it on your wrist, and we hope that it’s the same for you!

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